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1) Corporate mission: Promote technology to revitalize factories and cast high-quality products


 Nantong, where Langcui Factory is located, is known as the "hometown of hardware manufacturing in China". The manufacturing of special welding equipment began during the period of reform and opening up, and is the most famous and well-known overseas in Nantong's hardware manufacturing industry. With the development of technology and market demand, Nantong's hardware manufacturing industry has evolved into various industries.

 As a special welding equipment production enterprise, Langcui Manufacturing regards "promoting technology to revitalize the factory and casting high-quality products" as its corporate mission based on its own characteristics and industry characteristics. Through the automation technology of special welding equipment, various special welding products with high welding efficiency, consistent welding quality, and good welding processes are produced to meet the special welding needs of various industries.


2) Corporate Vision: Building a Brand in the Special Welding Equipment Industry


Langcui Technology focuses on the special welding industry, inheriting domestic and foreign welding technology, combining modern manufacturing processes, and continuously providing high-quality brand products and services. With the "Langcui" brand, it guides the trend of special welding and provides high-quality special welding equipment to users around the world.

 The special welding equipment industry is developing in the domestic market and exploring the international market. On the one hand, in China, we are developing towards multiple varieties, specifications, and uses, launching supporting products and system products, and spreading them nationwide. On the other hand, establish an overseas situation information network, produce high-end products, and enter high-end markets such as Europe and the United States; Produce mid to low end products to meet mid to low price markets in neighboring countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and more. In the next decade, Langcui Technology aims to become an expert in the special welding equipment industry and achieve sustained, stable, and rapid development.


3) Values: honesty, responsibility, innovation, cooperation, and win-win situation


Enterprise values are a combination of unity, progress, hard work, and competition, and are a composite product of enterprise management. To form a unified value system, Langcui Technology has done the following:


 1. Create a work atmosphere that advocates honesty. The working atmosphere is the "cohesive force" that members of a company work together to achieve corporate goals. Langcui Technology has developed and implemented an "Employee Handbook" to inform employees of clear behavioral norms, thereby enhancing the discipline and sense of ownership of all employees. Carry out various activities to stimulate employees' high morale in various forms, communicate employees' emotions, and enhance corporate cohesion. Pay attention to the ideological, work, and living conditions of employees, maintain close communication with them, and help them solve practical difficulties. The good interpersonal relationship between leaders and employees, employees and employees has weakened the Communication disorder between the upper and lower levels caused by the bureaucratic hierarchy, and created a transparent and frank working atmosphere.


2. Establish a management mechanism that advocates for accountability. With the continuous improvement of the quality of employees in enterprises, in various management activities, employees no longer blindly obey and execute, but have their own value and interest orientation. By establishing a democratic, legal, and scientific management mechanism, Langcui Technology continuously enhances the awareness of employee participation, opens up channels for grassroots employees to reflect problems and provide suggestions, and works together to enhance the driving force for the enterprise's progress. Regularly hire nationally renowned training instructors to provide guidance to the entire company in terms of personal image, product knowledge, psychological motivation, and excellent teamwork

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