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Working principle of stud welding

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Stud Arc welding (SW) is a Arc welding method that uses the arc between metal stud (similar parts) and plate workpiece to realize welding. This method does not use filler metal, and can use or do not use protective gas or flux. Generally, a porcelain ring surrounding the end of the stud is used for local protection, and a porcelain ring that is fully melted on the bonding surface is usually used for local protection. Usually, a certain amount of pressure is applied when the bonding surface is fully melted.

Many people doubt whether stud welding is really Arc welding. The application field of this method is very narrow, and it has a metal connection process different from the above Arc welding methods. This method is only used to weld one end of a prefabricated stud (or similar parts) to the workpiece. In fact, it is a combination of Arc welding and forging. The welding process is divided into two steps; Firstly, the end of the screw comes into contact with the workpiece, and after being energized, the arc is ignited, heating and melting the connection surface between the end of the screw and the workpiece; After the connection surface between the end of the stud and the workpiece is fully melted, power off and immediately apply a certain amount of pressure to press the stud towards the workpiece. The end of the melted stud is fused with the molten pool on the surface of the workpiece, and the connection is achieved after solidification. Usually, a porcelain ring surrounding the end of the stud is used for local protection, or a certain component of flux coated on the end of the stud is used for protection.

Our company currently has two types of stud welding series: energy storage stud welding machines and arc pulling stud welding machines.

Energy storage stud welding machine: By controlling capacitor charging to obtain voltage, the thyristor discharge completes the welding, and the discharge time is 1-3 milliseconds. Its characteristics are short time and small thermal deformation. A short cycle time means that less heat is generated in the workpiece, thereby preventing burning through, deformation, and discoloration of the material back. Suitable for stud welding of thin plates (with a minimum thickness of 0.5mm). It can weld low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other metal studs. Widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, automobiles, electric control cabinets, cabinets, curtain walls, etc.

Pull arc stud welding machine: Different from the principle of energy storage stud welding machine, pull arc stud welding machine does not have a capacitor charging process, and the entire welding process is completed by controlling the discharge time through a thyristor. The pull arc stud welding machine can weld various screws of different shapes (such as studs, pins, reinforced studs, etc.), made of carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, etc. It can be welded on different workpieces such as shielding, pipe fittings, channel steel, etc. Suitable for welding thicker plates (with a thickness of 2mm or more), suitable for the industry; Steel structure, shipbuilding, chemical, construction, metallurgy, automotive, bridge, boiler, chassis and other industries.

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