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Special Welding Technology for Stud Welding

launch date:2021-03-07人气:208

The stud welding method originated in 1918. Due to its advantages of fast, reliable, simplified processes, and reduced costs, this new welding technology has attracted widespread attention from various countries around the world. Through continuous improvement and improvement, it has developed rapidly, especially after World War II. It has now been widely used in industries such as bridges, highways, housing construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, power stations, and electric control cabinets. Can weld studs, welding nails, pins, bolts, etc. made of low-carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, copper, aluminum, and their alloy materials. According to report 1), the annual welding quantity of Japanese cylindrical head welding nails (studs) is 60 million, and the annual welding quantity of special-shaped rod welding nails is 3 million. It can be seen that the application scale of stud welding in steel structure buildings in Japan. In recent years, China's economic construction has developed rapidly, and the field of using stud welding has become increasingly widespread. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on stud welding technology and welding process in order to improve welding quality and promote the popularization of this welding technology. Today, stud welding technology has become a basic Hot working method in western developed countries. About 80% of stud (stud) welding is completed by stud welding machine. And it was only in 1986 that China successfully produced the first stud welding machine in Chengdu. As for the application of stud welding technology, it was only gradually launched in the 1990s and has only a history of about 20 years now. Therefore, stud welding is still a newly emerging industry in China, and there is a considerable gap between welding equipment and welding process compared to foreign countries. Analyzing this gap and gradually narrowing it until it surpasses the world level is the sacred mission of China's stud welding industry.

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