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Stud welding method

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Stud welding method:

The first type is stable arc stud welding. The process of generating a relatively stable arc between the end of the workpiece and the stud. An arc is a heat source that can form a molten pool on the workpiece, while also forming a molten layer and plastic zone at the end of the stud. The stud is clamped in the welding gun and is pressed into the molten pool by the spring pressure in the welding gun or other mechanical pressure. In addition, some or all of the molten metal shall be extruded from the molten pool into the Filter (aquarium)#Materials suitable for aquarium filtration forming groove to form recrystallized plastic connection, recrystallization, and recrystallized mixed connection joint.

The power source for this type of stud welding is usually an arc welding rectifier, which has reduced volt ampere characteristics and includes controllable and uncontrollable rectifiers, as well as welding inverters or DC arc welding generators. The process of arc discharge is stable and continuous as that of Arc welding with welding rod. Stable arc stud welding, also known as arc stud welding.

The second type is unstable arc stud welding. The difference with the former is that the power supply for the arc is a capacitor bank. The capacitor discharges between the workpiece and the end of the screw, completing the welding of the screw. Since capacitor discharge is an unstable arc process, that is to say, the arc voltage and Welding power supply change rapidly and the process is uncontrollable. This unstable arc method of stud welding is commonly referred to as capacitor energy storage stud welding or capacitor discharge stud welding.

The third type, arc method stud welding, also known as short cycle stud welding. The welding arc undergoes current waveform modulation, covering both larger welding arc currents and smaller pilot arc currents. The power supply for this type of short-term stud welding is usually two parallel power sources, which successively supply power to the pilot arc and the welding arc.

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